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This is Rg59 cable used by most installers and found in all older installations. RG59 is a lower grade of coaxial cable than RG6, consisting of a smaller center conductor, a smaller insulating dielectric, and a single outer shield. However, it delivers acceptable performance for CATV. RG-59 has a 22 AWG center conductor.


This is Rg6 Quad shielded cable used by us on all our installations. Rg6 has a larger center conductor (18 AWG), a dual or quad shield (2 braids and 2 foils), and a much larger insulating dielectric. The benefits of using RG6 cable include: more bandwidth, lower susceptibility to interference, and lower attenuation per foot. All of these characteristics allow it to handle a higher bandwidth than RG59 cable. RG6 delivers exceptional performance for CATV, satellite, and all other video applications and is considered the cable of choice for digital TV.



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