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About Digital Antennas, Freeview & The Digital Switchover


Why pay for TV when Freeview digital television gives you more channels, more shows and better picture, for free?

To start watching Freeview now, you need a high definition digital television. Or, simply connect your analogue or standard definition television to a high definition set top box or other high definition digital device. If you already have one of these, you’re ready to go. You may need to retune your TV before all the channels will appear, so don’t forget to give this a go if you’re experiencing any problems. It also pays to retune your equipment every couple of months to make sure you are up to date with any new channels that may have launched.

A digital compatible TV antenna, combined with a digital television or set top box installation, will ensure your home is ready for the digital switchover.

The digital switchover is happening throughout Australia, and will be finally complete during 2013, where the analogue signal will be switched off. You can already receive the improved digital transmission, and can benefit from an increased variety of digital tv channels with greater picture and sound quality.

To ensure you receive the full benefit of digital programming, you may need a digital compatible tv antenna, and either a digital television with an integrated digital tuner (look for the digital tick), or, if you aren’t replacing your television, then a set top receiver. The service offered by freeview TV provides approximately 16 digital television channels, digital programming guides and interactive services!

Our tv antenna installation technicians are fully trained and qualified to install any digital tv antenna or radio aerial system you require. Furthermore, each system can be fully configured to your requirements, whether you want a digital tv antenna system installed to one room, or, a complete digital antenna multiroom system installed, allowing every room in your property access to the digital tv channels on offer. This, in turn can be installed with digital receivers, providing greater choice and variety on the television programmes available.

All installations are carried out by experienced antenna installers, and furthermore, backed by our 10 year guarantee, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in our service.

We are able to visit your home or property to provide a free written estimate. The engineer will be on hand to offer professional advice and experience on the digital antenna system suitable for your home viewing needs. To organise a visit, please contact us on  1300 994 573.




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